Lead Retrieval – is it bad for your exhibitors?

When I contact potential clients for Lead Retrieval services, I do so on a case by case basis. I look each event up, assess whether it would be a good fit, and try to contact the appropriate person so as to not spam the entire association. I admit that I use a template email, however make changes depending on who I am contacting.

Most people do not respond to my emails, and that’s fine, emails are expensive and very time consuming; not everyone has time to reply “Not interested, we already have the service”. When someone replies that they have a vendor, I thank them for their time, wish them a successful event, and move on. However, when someone replies that they don’t have the service and do not want to offer it, it boggles my mind.

What does Lead Retrieval have to do with exhibiting anyways? It’s the process of collecting information on potential clients. It is the whole purpose of exhibiting at an event.

Exhibitors spend thousands upon thousands to exhibit. Besides the booth space rental, there is the booth itself, tables & chairs, marketing materials, shipping, carpeting, electrical needs, internet access, sales staff, per-Diem for staff, hotel, and travel expenses. Add all that up and then not invest a little more to ensure you are capturing accurate contact data of potential leads?

An event organizer should encourage their exhibitors to use some form of Lead Retrieval system, whether it be something like mine, a device to scan the badges of potential clients, or at the minimum a note pad dedicated to taking down contact information. My devices are better as take less time to capture data, and the data is typed up and ready to be imported to your CRM.

An organizer who doesn’t want a Lead Retrieval system for their exhibitors, doesn’t care about their exhibitors. Organizers should be providing their exhibitors with every opportunity to collect new leads, it’s what they are there for, and without them you have no exhibit.


Moral of the story: Organizers should provide their exhibitors with the tools to have a return on their investment. If your organizer doesn’t care about you, don’t exhibit at their event.