Everyone is your adversary

In business everyone is your adversary. You don’t start off your business thinking this, but you eventually come to this realisation – hopefully before you declare bankruptcy. I say this with love for everyone I deal with on a daily basis. No, you’re right, that’s untrue, but it sounded polite.

You produce a product/service (or combination of the two), which you want to sell at what you believe to be a fair market value. Your clients, your saviors, your source of income and your adversary, want your product for free, if possible. They will complain, rant, rave, cry, play sympathy cards, and blame you for being overpriced, to get you to reduce you price.

Your suppliers, your “friends”, your gatekeepers to profit, and your adversary, on the other hand, are always trying to raise their prices, add fees, send your orders late, and give you reasons why prices are going up monthly, not to mention why it’s so hard to deliver on time.

Your employees, they dislike you on a good day. Often upset they don’t get enough breaks, and he days are too long. Why do you get to have business lunches? Why do you have your own office, why is it bigger than theirs? God forbid you buy yourself something new, they could have had a raise instead of that wasted item. They look at their salaries, and their desk, and they want more.

The people around you all assume you are rich because you have your own business. Yes, when you register a company, the government gives a cool million… no not really. They do send you tax forms though, something different every week or so.

If you are a business owner, you may sometimes feel stuck in the middle, that’s because you are. Your goal is to make certain, your clients, your employees, and your suppliers are happy. After all, a successful business, has good repeat clients (who pay their bills), qualified employees who do quality work (and don’t ask for raises), and good suppliers you can trust to deliver what you ordered on time (and bill later).


Moral of the story: Is it so hard to believe that you started a business to turn a profit? Is that really such a horrible concept?