Don’t be such a boob!

1. a stupid person; fool; dunce.
2. British. a blunder; mistake.

Well, that blog’s name makes a bit more sense now!

Welcome to BoobOrGuru, a joint effort between Solutions Majisti and EventZen to share with people our ideas and sometimes even our problems and their solutions. We’re two relatively young companies, built by smart and dedicated people who want nothing more than to excel at what we do and get better every day. As such, we feel it is important we share our ideas and have a discussion with people, even get critiqued sometimes; we are far from perfect, but we do strive for it!

Originally, the idea was to use Kate Upton’s boobs to get your attention. It turns out we have you, we somehow caught your attention, thus there’s no need to reduce ourselves to showing breasts for attention.

So What is BoobOrGuru?

Its one part Vodka two parts Rum, and half a Banana (use banana to stir)

In business, we try different recipes, sometime the ingredients sound good, but it doesn’t quite work out in practice. Sometimes the ingredients sound very questionable, but the result is perfection. Someone let us know if the above tastes good.

This is a site about gaffs we have made and lessons we have learned along the way of making careers for ourselves. We’re all at different stages, yet somehow (aside from the color of our hair) some things never change. In sharing our business stories, from different perspectives, we hope to provide a bit of guidance, someone to relate to, or at the very least, provide a good laugh. We hope you enjoy our stories.

You decide if our being an amateur, a novice, green behind the ears, and on occasion a boob, has made us into a guru, or if we still have a long way to go. I hope I’m almost there, as you may know, the road can be long and winding.

Please note that comments and criticisms are welcome, so long as they are well written, and the content is clean.