Delegating the task

Some days it can be fun being boss. Some monotonous task comes along, and you pass it off to an employee. A sweat inducing task comes along, and you pass it off to an employee. A tedious task comes along, and you pass it off to an employee. I really hope all those tasks are being fulfilled in a correct and timely manner.

As your company grows, and by that I mean gains more business, you cannot handle all tasks yourself. Employees cost money, hire them only when you need to delegate tasks you don’t have time to do yourself. This can become addictive as you find you barely have to work at all. In truth, your job has changed. When you start a company, you are everything. You are the president, the employee, and the plumber. In some ways you never stop being the plumber…

As the company grows, your position is to train employees, and monitor quality of work. In order to delegate a task to an employee, the employee must not only know how to do the task, but also understand the care and quality in which you want it done. This requires training staff to do the tasks and training them in what the company values are. Delegating all your tasks away comes at a cost. The more you delegate, the more time you need to spend training.

What is the cost of getting it right? I found that some tasks, I am better off doing myself no matter how tedious. Sometimes an employee simply isn’t experienced enough to do it correctly, and you waste time trying to explain it over and over. You’re paying an employee to get it wrong, and that’s not billable. Sometimes you need to do it yourself to remember that not all tasks are easy.

I find that in some cases the best thing to do is to roll up your sleeves and do the task with your employees; this takes more time, and now you’re back in the “trenches”. However, it shows them how you want it done, it shows them you can get dirty too, and you get to see why it wasn’t working for them first hand.


Moral of the story: It’s nice to be boss, but there’s a cost involved.