I had an employee sitting at the exhibitor counter handing out badges and programs, when an addendum to the program arrived. I always encourage my employees to ask questions to become better informed, or raise an issue. This one employee is baffled by the addendum.

“Please give this to the exhibitors when they pass, it’s an addendum to the event program.” I instructed.
“A what?” she replied

“An addendum. It adds information to the program that was omitted in error or changed after the program was sent to the printers.” I informed her.
“Like a copy?” She asked.

“No not like a copy. A copy would be another program that was exactly alike, such as the pile of programs over there. They are copies”, I replied.
“But an addendum could be a copy”, she responded.

“No it couldn’t, then it wouldn’t add anything to the existing program, because it was simply a copy of it.” I said getting frustrated.
“A copy can add stuff.” She insisted.

“No, then it wouldn’t be a copy, it would be an addendum.” I countered.
“We’ll have to agree to disagree”, she retorted.

“No we don’t. You work for me, if anyone comes and asks what that is, repeat what I said and not what you think”, I replied.
“I’m entitled to an opinion”, she insisted.

“This is not about opinion, this is about me paying you to do something, and you should do it. Furthermore, you have my company name on your shirt and you make me look bad when you can’t grasp the English language”, I snapped.
“You’re mean”, was her reply.

“I question whether you know the meaning of the word”, I said sarcastically.