If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
– Albert Einstein

BoobOrGuru is a blog created by members of EventZen and Majisti to share and discuss concepts and ideas. The idea is to challenge ourselves by explaining our workflow, our ideas, our ideals and open up the possibility for people to critique them, hence making us better and allowing ourselves and our readers to learn from the whole process.

Steven Rosato

about-stevenHard-headed problem solver and realized software architect, I refuse to let go of a problem until I have solved it. Part of the reason I started Majisti was to be able to let the pragmatic in me drive the business without cutting corners. I obviously have a interest in business and I strive to find a way to peacefully merge development and business. I learned as I grew my business, but seeing as I never do anything without committing 100% to it, I like to think I’m in a good place as far as growth and business practices go.

What you’ll read from me will often be very in depth, very technical; I am the kind of guy who will dig as deep as in can in anything I am currently learning.

Pietro D’Ascanio

about-pietroI run a small business, EventZen, which provides lead retrieval & data management services, and at times, registration solutions. In the industry since 1998, I have been a part of over 300 events. I have had the opportunity to see many things, across many industries, in many cities.

In addition to providing the perspective of a small business owner trying to compete against large, international companies, my unique perspective is that of someone who has observed a great many people (professional and not).

Guyllaume Cardinal

Newest member of Majisti, I’m a developer at heart who’s always been doing it for the people whom I work with. I love working on a software and seeing the reaction when a client is impressed by a new feature or a simple quality of life adjustment. I started working at Majisti with barely any knowledge of anything business related, but being a start up, I had to learn as I went.

Working so close with Steven, when I shout my opinions at you, it will be from both the view of a developer and those of a (semi) business owner. Hope you’ll enjoy the ride.